The 7 Best Inversion Table Are Priced Between $ 150 And $ 400 Worth Buying

A inversion table is a table where one can lie on its back and be angled with different angles depending on the operator. Being able to hang upside down completely helps your body’s beneficial effects, It helps your spine be stretched and also helps you relax and relieve stress.
In this tutorial, we will analyze the inversion tables and who should use the inversion tables; how to use and how to train with it properly. Help you find out whether buying the inversion table is best suited for back pain, spine pain

Use inversion tables properly?

According to Medical News Today Inverted therapy for health care, some scientific evidence encourages a inversion method to treat back and spinal pain, helping to stretch the spine so that the nerves as if loosened and not pinched.
This inversion method of healing is based on the theory that raising your feet up from your head can inversion the effects of gravity on your body. According to experts, gravity causes the muscles, joints, and bones in the back to press down on the spine constantly, causing nerves through that area to be pinched leading to chronic back pain, during therapy. inversion is usefully asserted by the effect of reducing pressure on the spine, extracting vertebrae and increasing blood circulation.
The inversion method has helped many patients recover their spine, among others they do not trust this method because the inversion method is not a cure, and these skeptics do not. review. There are several ideas when using reversible methods that have side effects such as vision loss, eye retina, headache and hypertension.
The researchers also demonstrated the effectiveness of reversible tables used to treat spinal diseases

Proven Scientific Research On The Effectiveness Of Inversion Methods

Do reversible treatments really help reduce back pain? It is also a question for everyone. According to a medical paper by James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, patients with lumbar spondylitis can avoid surgery due to a combination of physiotherapy and inversion. The researchers divided patients who were waiting for surgery into two groups: the first group (13 people) were given physical therapy and inversion tables; The second group (11 people) only participated in physiotherapy. After 6 weeks, most patients in the first group had 10 of the 13 who had a significantly improved health condition and did not need surgical intervention. The results of the second group were in contrast to the first group, out of 11 people, 9 had to resort to surgical intervention.
Other studies talk about potential therapy of inversion methods for patients with chronic back pain. The number of participants using the inversion panel at different angles for eight weeks. The team used the reversing table at 60 degree angle to get the best results, namely the elasticity of the spine, improved waist and painful, uncomfortable symptoms are no longer. The position of the body inversion the effect of our gravity and the upright posture of our species, reducing the pressure on the disc, the space between the vertebrae that relaxes so that the nerves not inserted and the result is an unpleasant painful feeling.
The question, ‘Is this effect lasting?’ People who do not believe in inversion methods suspect that their ability to cure it only reduces unpleasant symptoms. According to Celeste Robb-Nicholson, MD, editor-in-chief of the Harvard Women’s Health magazine, the practice of reversing the healing of the spine, muscles and reducing temporary muscle contractions time. Doctors do not believe the benefits of this method have been proven, and there are a number of contraindications for patients with eye disease, hypertension, cardiovascular and pregnant women. Physiotherapists still use this inversion table method to treat back pain. A summary of the experts’ opinion is that the inverse method of cure the body does not cure your illness but it will make you reduce the symptoms of soreness and reduce the use of pain medications. In order to achieve the maximum effect of the inversion method, long-term persistence is required.

Important factors and functions when choosing inversion tables
Inversion tables must be designed according to the height, weight of each person and need the most safety in use
. Product price
. Sturdy steel body
. Flexible leverage
. Handle and corner of rubber expanded
. Durable ankle strap; Easy to open and close
. The tilt is indicated
. Motor support reversing, intact belt
. Adjust height
. A soft lumbar support and backrest, in case you hang upside down (completely reversed)
. keep it easy

TOP-7 The best inversion table

Need for back pain: Innova ITX9600 inversion board at Amazon
Perfect for back pain treatment
Need for neck pain: Harison’s high-powered inversion board at Amazon
Satisfactory solution for neck and back
Body massage: Innova ITM4800 massage and heat therapy reversing table at Amazon
Massage and apply heat wherever you want
Safest: SURELOCK secure ratchet system at Amazon
The backrest is soft and supportive when reversing. The foam handlebar easily returns to the vertical position
The heaviest task: IRONMAN Gravity bears the highest weight at Amazon
Weight – Supports up to 350 pounds
Best with heat: Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced technology inversion board at Amazon
The whole back will be warmed
The lightest desk: Teeter EP-560 Ltd
Back pain relief set, FDA registered

The most expensive inversion table is up to $ 3,000, the expensive inverted tables allow for custom tilt angles and bring users as if they were a muscle trainer. The most popular inversion tables for users are priced between $ 150 and $ 400.

Our top picks

1. Need for back pain: Innova ITX9600 inversion table

Innova ITX9600 is a popular and most popular island island tables, this table can bear 300 lbs load. It is designed with a heavy-duty steel frame, has a large backrest, has 6 positions of height-adjustable battery system, has an extra head protection pad for easier positioning and reversing more secure than strap systems. . With the Innova ITX9600 desk, you can completely customize many features to suit your workout. For example, you can increase the inversion from 15 degrees gradually to a suitable level. However, it has some disadvantages such as not easy to store, quite heavy and difficult to move, ankle pads are not smooth.
The Innova ITX9600 reversible board is a quick inversion board, which helps you reduce the pressure on the back of your spine, and feel comfortable.
Those who want to treat back pain then Innova ITX9600 is really necessary.

2. Need for neck pain: High power inversion table of HARISON

Not only for back pain, HARISON Inversion Table also solves neck problems. According to the principle of body gravity is the force acting on the spine to compress the intervertebral disk between the vertebrae, when using the inversion board will help the spine relax and reduce the pressure on the disc.
HARISON Inversion Table is designed with heavy-duty integrated steel frame making the inverter treatment table back super stable and durable. Safety belts, nuts and slip-resistant rugs, protective pedal covers and covers, foam foot covers and safety handles are dual stock. Can use 4-position position, even completely reversed from 20 degrees up to 180 degrees, suitable for height, weight up to 350 lbs. You can use this inversion board to perform Back, neck, weight loss and beauty training against gravity, release pressure, protect your health.
Besides the comfortable features, the HARISON Inversion Table also has a solid steel frame, belt, safety brackets, friendly handles, non-slip mats, stable operation, inverse system with safety latches. Very easy to use. HARISON gives you safety, a great choice for treating neck pain and upper back pain.

3. Body massage: Innova ITM4800 reversible table with heat therapy and massage

Pain related to the spine is difficult to cure. Like Innova ITX9600, Innova ITM4800 is born with a combination of heat and massage to give users a feeling of relief and relaxation.
The waist section of the Innova ITM4800 has an adjustable rectangular padding for massage and heating wherever you want. In addition, you can adjust the headrest, the leg can be extended and the system keeps the ankle safe. Solid steel legs and easy-to-handle handles. Its disadvantage is a slightly stiff ankle cushion, when the right ankle is bent, the assembly is somewhat complicated.

4. The safest: SURELOCK safety Ratchet system with AIRSOFT

Reversing reduces the pressure of gravity on your body, but does the inversion method make you feel relaxed and safe while you are upside down? So how do you reduce the pressure when you are afraid of falling when you turn upside down? Fortunately, the EXERPEUTIC Reversible Table with AIRSOFT offers the highest level of safety with AIRSOFT ankle-holding patents for unrivaled comfort while reversing with the cushion covering the legs and ankles. The grip gives you a sense of security. Using airsoft technology allows air circulation into different chambers to secure and match the shape of your legs and ankles. As with other inversion tables, the SURELOCK and AIRSOFT boards use double-tooth locking mechanism to make the table safer and safer when reversed, but also can remove the lumbar pillow, the handle bars. Styrofoam wrap makes it easy to control the table easily with three inverted positions and returns to the upright position.

5. Most powerful: IRONMAN Gravity bears the highest weightI

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 is suitable for people with high appearance and weight, this reversing board is designed from high quality tubular steel frame that can withstand weight up to 350 lbs, reversing system up to 180 degrees. This reversible panel can be folded and stored easily to save space for your apartment.
The IRONMAN Gravity 4000 weighs 75 lbs and is rated as the most powerful reversible table, the foot of the table is equipped with non-slip rubber, plus a 2.5-inch Memory-Foam vinyl pad for comfort. Outstanding roof for the back and head (this part is also removable). The table is equipped with a long handle, reversing angle lock system, palm-controlled ankle part with the advanced technology of IRONMAN Gravity 4000 that helps you control your heel drop without having to bend over. , you can rest assured while upside down.
IRONMAN Gravity 4000 is the right choice for all looks.

6. Best with heat: Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced technology inversion board

Inversion therapy is also recommended by doctors to help patients reduce spinal muscles spasms, reduce pressure on the nerves through the back. Besides, the heat-scenting method also reduces contractions. Based on the combination of the above two methods, Health Gear ITM5500 advanced reversing table was born to help users achieve satisfactory results.
The Health Gear ITM5500 features a thermal plate and massage cushion along the back to warm and massage the entire back.

7. Lightest table: Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Reversal table, Back pain relief kit, FDA registered

TEETER is a leader in inversion table products, which has existed for more than 30 years and is certified by FDA, the device designated for symptoms such as back pain, muscle tension, disc herniation, neuralgia position, muscular pain, and spinal pain-related cases.
Inversion table TEETER EP-560 is warranted for up to 5 years, easy to assemble and easy to use. Can customize many different angles such as 20 degrees, 40 degrees, 60 degrees up to 180 degrees, change your body weight is very simple by the arm and also easily return to the original upright position. Besides this device is also equipped with reliable high-quality materials, secure ankle lock to help you feel secure while upside down, inversion for more difficult exercises without leaving the risk.
The Teeter inversion tables are getting more and more suitable for users, the back is replaced with plastic with perforated holes, massage pads, headrests are also removable.

Benefits of reverse therapy

Among us, sooner or later we face problems related to the spine. Those who work in the office, drive, sit for a long time in a bad posture make your spine deviate or may be shortened like a compressed spring, causing compression of the vertebrae. The nerve from that makes us feel painful. That is the reason for treating spinal-related diseases by using reversing tables to stretch the vertebrae to make the space between the vertebrae be extended to reduce the pressure on the interver tebral discs and ligaments. and nerves.

Reversal table resolves diseases of back pain (this has been demonstrated), sciatica, adjusting the spine due to misdiagnosis, muscle and headache pain relief, providing flexibility, reducing bases straight, some cases can avoid surgery.
Physical strength is also important for our lives, so the inversion table also helps us to maintain physical strength, after practicing the spine is rearranged and highly resilient.
The respiratory system is also affected by the inversion table, which helps improve lung function, cleanses the lung sinuses, making your breathing more rhythmic, breathing deeper..
Inversion tables have a very good impact on the circulatory system, which helps blood flow through the veins and reduces pain in dilated veins.
Inversion tables bring mental health. Regular use of reversing methods helps reduce stress, mood changes help to stay mentally alert and more focused, control depression, focus on creative thinking.
Inversion tables also support the digestive system and regenerate the immune system, it improves the functions of the lymphatic system, helps maintain the immune system to be healthy, the internal organs are also revived..
Currently inverted tables are used very popular, the most used object is the athletes and it is easy to see them in normal families.


In short, the magic of inversion table gives us a healthy lifestyle. Starting from reducing painful symptoms, adjusting posture helps the body regain balance, reducing nerve compression through joints, helping blood circulation easily, reducing stress,. . . All issues will be resolved via inversion table. The above-mentioned products are reasonably priced, and have been evaluated by fitness experts as a safe, durable device that provides a comfortable user experience.
Inversion table will help us prevent all diseases related to the spine, some people with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, pregnant women, and other health conditions need to have an opinion. See your doctor before using the reverse table. You should carefully review the instructions before use to achieve the best results.